Absicherung hochautomatisierter Fahrfunktionen – Erarbeitung von Gütekriterien, Werkzeugen und Methoden sowie Szenarien im Gemeinschaftsprojekt PEGASUS

VDI-Tagung E/E im PKW 2016 ELIV-Marketplace, Baden-Baden, 19.-20.10.2016

P. Themann, A. Pütz, H. Schmitt

Ganzheitliche Bewertung des vernetzten und automatisierten Fahrens

Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift (ATZ), S. 26 - 31, Ausgabe 01/2016, Springer Verlag

P. Themann, D. Raudszus, A. Zlocki, L. Eckstein

Holistic Assessment of Connected Mobility and Automated Driving

ATZ worldwide, Nr. 01/2016, Vieweg

P. Themann, D. Raudszus, A. Zlocki, L. Eckstein

Automatisiertes und vernetztes Fahren – Von der Funktionsentwicklung zur Absicherung

RWTH-Wissenschaftsnacht, Aachen, 11.11.2015

P. Themann

Optimal Control of Series Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles Considering the Cabin Heat Demand

IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Issue 99, DOI: 10.1109/TCST.2015.2468055, 01.09.2015

J.Gissing, P. Themann, S. Baltzer, T. Lichius, L. Eckstein

Impact of Positioning Uncertainty of Vulnerable Road Users on Risk Minimization in Collision Avoidance Systems

IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, Seoul, Südkorea, 28.06. – 01.07.2015

P. Themann, J. Kotte, D. Raudszus, L. Eckstein

Automatisierte Fahrzeuglängsführung zur Optimierung der Energieeffizienz unter Nutzung kooperativer Informationen

Dissertation, ISBN 978-3-940374-90-5, April 2015

P. Themann

Modulare Testumgebung zur Analyse kooperativer Assistenzsysteme basierend auf V2X-Technologien im kontrollierten Feld

Automotive meets Electronics, Dortmund, 24.02.2015

P. Themann, D. Raudszus, L. Eckstein, T. Kopacz M.Sc., D. Heberling

Definition of an Embedded Driver Model for Driving Behavior Prediction within the DESERVE Platform

Samos XIV Conference, Samos, Greece, 14. - 17.07.2014

J. Klimke, C. Klas, P. Themann, L. Eckstein

Research activities on automated driving in Germany

TRBs Third Annual Workshop on Road Vehicle Automation, San Francisco, USA, 14. - 18.07.2014

A. Zlocki, P. Themann, F. Fahrenkrog, D. Will, L. Eckstein

Energieeffiziente Fahrzeuglängsführung durch V2X-Kommunikation

Automobiltechnische Zeitschrift (ATZ), PP. 62–67, Ausgabe 07 – 08/2014

P. Themann, Dr.-Ing. A. Zlocki, L. Eckstein

eCoMove: integration of results and conclusions

10th ITS European Congress, Helsinki, Finnland, 16. - 19.06.2014

J. Vreeswijk I. Wilmink, P. Gilka, G. Vernet, L. Andreone, J.-C. Pandazis, P. Themann, P. Mathias

C-ITS implementation issues: barriers and possible solutions

10th ITS European Congress, Helsinki, Finnland, 16. - 19.06.2014

J. Vreeswijk, I. Wilmink, P. Gilka, G. Vernet, L. Andreone, J.-C. Pandazis, P. Themann, P. Mathias

Discrete dynamic optimization in automated driving systems to improve energy efficiency in cooperative networks

2014 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium (IV), Dearborn, Michigan, USA, 08. - 11.06.2014

P. Themann, R. Krajewski, L. Eckstein

System concept and validation results of cooperative driver assistance improving fuel economy

FISITA World Automotive Congress, Maastricht, The Netherlands, 02. - 06.06.2014

P. Themann, L. Eckstein

Optimization of energy efficiency based on average driving behaviour and driver’s preferences for automated driving

IET Intelligent Transport Systems, Volume 8, Nr. 2, March 2014

P. Themann, Julian Bock, L. Eckstein

Automated Tool Chain for Evaluation of Real World Tests Developed and Applied in eCoMove and interactIVe

20th ITS World Congress 2013, Tokyo, Japan, 14.-18.10.2013

P. Themann, F. Fahrenkrog

Validation Results of Driver Behavior Prediction in a Cooperative Network

20th ITS World Congress 2013, Tokyo, Japan, 14. - 18.10.2013

P. Themann, L. Eckstein

Kooperative Fahrerassistenz zur Steigerung der Energieeffizienz – Systemkonzept, HMI-Gestaltung und Einsparpotentiale

22. Aachener Kolloquium „Fahrzeug- und Motorentechnik“, Aachen, 07.-09.10.2013

P. Themann, D. Kuck, J. Loewenau

Sicher und zügig unterwegs – Fahrerassistenzsysteme gestalten eine nachhaltige Mobilität

RWTH-Themen 01/2013, Aachen, Juli 2013

L. Eckstein, P. Themann, A. Zlocki,

Driver Specific Assistance Improving Energy Efficient Driving Based on Cooperative Predictions

mobil.TUM 2013 International Scientific Conference on Mobility and Transport, Munich, 18. – 19.06.2013

P. Themann, O. Vossen, L. Eckstein

Energy efficient adaptive cruise control utilizing V2X information

9th ITS European Congress 2013, Dublin, Ireland, 04. - 07.06.2013

P. Themann, Julian Bock, L. Eckstein

Prediction of driver behaviour by situational models in a cooperative environment to optimize energy efficiency

9th ITS European Congress 2013, Dublin, Ireland, 04. - 07.06.2013

P. Themann, L. Eckstein

ecoDriving Support based on cooperative prediction models

19th ITS World Congress, Vienna, Austria, 22.-26.10.2012

P. Themann, T. Uhrner, D. Kuck, M. Müller, M. Klubal

Validation methodology focussing on fuel efficiency as applied in the eCoMove project

19th ITS World Congress, Vienna, Austria, 22.-26.10.2012

P. Themann, L. Isasi, M. Larburu, S. Trommer, J. Vreeswijk, I. Wilmink

Modular Approach to Energy Efficient Driver Assistance Incorporating Driver Acceptance

2012 Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, Alcalá de Henares, Spain, 03. – 07.06.2012

P. Themann, L. Eckstein

Seminar Fahrerassistenzsysteme – Grundlagen und Stand der Technik

Haus der Technik, Essen, 30. – 31.05.2012

A. Zlocki, P. Themann

The eCoMove Simulation Test Bed

Transport Research Arena 2012, Athen, Greece, 23.-26.04.2012

T. Benz, N. El Ghouti, F. Krietsch, P. Mathias, F. Pereyron, P. Themann

Energy efficient longitudinal vehicle control based on analysis of driving situations

1st Aachen Colloquium China Automobile and Engine Technology, Peking, 01.-02.11.2011

A. Zlocki, P. Themann, B. Dornieden, L. Junge

Energy efficient longitudinal vehicle control based on analysis of driving situations

20. Aachen Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology, Aachen, 10. – 12.10.2011

P. Themann, B. Dornieden, A. Zlocki, L. Junge

Eco ACC – Ansatz für die Bewertung des Energieeinsparpotenzials eines ACC-Algorithmus für Hybridfahrzeuge

19. Aachen Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology, Aachen, 04. – 06.10.2010

A. Zlocki, A. Benmimoun, P. Themann

Improved energy efficiency by model based predictive ACC in hybrid vehicles based on map data

10th International Symposium on Advanced Vehicle Control – AVEC 2010, Loughborough, UK, 22. – 26.08.2010

A. Zlocki, P. Themann



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